Avocado Produce Wholesaler

Martinez Produce and Seafood offers delicious fruits and vegetables that will elevate your menu. These include the exclusive Alejandrina Avocados that are relentlessly pursued by restaurants but difficult for most wholesalers to acquire. Our commitment to sourcing the finest produce means you can trust us to be your go-to produce provider. 

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Avocados have a mild and creamy flavor that goes well with sushi rolls and sandwiches. 


  • Alejandrina
  • San Lorenzo
  • Mexican

Broccoli is recognized by its vibrant green stalks and tightly clustered florets. They add a crunchy, fresh component to sushi rolls and salads. 

Cucumbers boast a mild, slightly savory taste with a touch of earthiness. They are a crunchy and fresh addition to many dishes. 

These crisp and refreshing cucumbers lack the bitterness and large seeds found in their traditional counterparts, making them a delightful and hassle-free addition to salads, sandwiches, and snacks.

Green onions are slender plants with green stems and white bulbs. They taste similar to white onions, with a crunch and slightly sweet palate. 

Jalapeños are a popular kind of chili peppers known for their moderate to high heat and distinct, slightly tangy flavor. They add a delicious spice to any dish. 

Lemons are a zesty citrus fruit known for their refreshing, sour flavor.

Lettuce provides a crunchy, refreshing foundation for countless dishes; It is a healthy addition to your meals.

Limes are a citrus fruit celebrated for their tart, zesty flavor.

Mushrooms can be sautéed, grilled, or used in soups and sauces, adding a pleasant savoriness and an earthy flavor to a variety of dishes. 

Onions are essential ingredient in many cuisines. With their strong taste and versatility, they add depth and complexity to many dishes.

Bell peppers add a burst of refreshing sweetness to a wide array of dishes.

Potatoes, with their mild and hearty palate, can be cooked several different ways and served alongside a numerous array of other ingredients.

Radishes are root vegetables that pack a peppery punch and a crunchy, satisfying texture. 

Romaine lettuce has elongated, sturdy leaves and a neutral flavor. It serves as a base for numerous salads and is an important topping for sandwiches. 

Often treated as a vegetable in cooking, tomatoes’ sweet and slightly acidic taste makes them a fundamental ingredient in countless dishes.

Spring Mix offers a blend of baby lettuce, spinach, and other leafy greens in one convenient package. 

Zucchini is a mild vegetable with a tender texture. Its tendency to take on the flavor of other ingredients makes it a popular addition to a wide range of dishes.

Not a Restaurant or Food Business?

Order from our sister business MPS Groceries! They are MADE to sell to the public! Order high-quality Sushi-Grade Seafood and Fresh Produce.