Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The Toyosu Fish Market is one of the largest wholesale fish markets in the world located in Tokyo, Japan. Every day there are hundred of people that come in and sell fresh fish from in and around the Japanese Coasts.

We sell products mainly based around either produce or seafood as the name suggests. They come from many different suppliers from all over the world!

Great Question! We get this one a lot! Martinez Produce and Seafood is a licensed wholesaler and thus we are only available to see to retail stores and restaurants. However, if you still want high quality products you can go through our sister company MPS Groceries and have many of the same products we do while being able to sell to the public!

Our salesmen’s languages can range depending on who they are but if there isn’t a salesman that can speak your language, we have a translator app that will accommodate your situation. 

We sell farmed fish salmon from many different locations. As of writing this, our current list of salmon are Faroe, Norwegian, Canadian, Scottish, Iceland, and King. 

Yes! Refer to our catalog and the “Containers” section to see the full list. 

Yes and no. Some containers are microwave safe and others are not. Please be sure to clarify when ordering.