A hardworking Team from The Ground up

Since 2005, Martinez Produce & Seafood has been a family owned business who continuously provides sushi grade seafood, Asian food products, and fresh produce throughout the Midwest and northeast United States. From owners to staff, we have a combined 70+ years of experience in sourcing product internationally as well as domestically. MPS buyers and sales teams work hand in hand around the clock ensuring that our customers’ expectations and needs are fulfilled.


Prime Selection of Products

We offer a full line of fresh, frozen, and live seafood sourced responsibly from local and international markets. MPS offers Asian food essential from rice and nori to sushi trays. To supplement, we carry all sorts of fresh produce and fruits extending from avocados to all sorts of berries.


Custom Hand Cut Processing

Our skilled cutters custom hand-cut tuna, salmon, halibut, and many other fishes to our customer’s demands. These fishes are so fragile that our staff has to be delicate when handling, icing, and packaging. Strict procedures and expertise ensure that your seafood will arrive in the freshest state possible ready to be prepared and served.

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Professional Service

As any other successful business, growth is due to great customer service. We proudly serve wholesalers, restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, and food preppers across the Midwest and northeast United States.


Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve the following states in blue with our finest produce & seafood. We are able to do this with our main warehouses being located in Chicago, Boston, and St. Michael.

Produce Distributors

Not only do we serve the finest fresh & frozen seafood, our produce team are present daily at the local international Produce Market before sunrise to seize the freshest produce for our valued customers.