We take immense pride in delivering the finest salmon selections to restaurants and retailers. Our commitment to sourcing and distributing premium seafood ensures that you will have timely access to fresh, responsibly harvested salmon. In addition, our frozen varieties offer a more flexible schedule for your business without compromising on quality. 


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Canadian Salmon is a top-grade variety that hails from cold, clean waters off the east coast of Quebec.  

Faroe Salmon is a top-tier seafood delicacy from the North Atlantic. Waters around the Faroe Islands hover around eight degrees celsius annually, ensuring that salmon there grow steadily to an ideal size and flavor.

Iceland Salmon is celebrated for its exceptional quality. With its light pink flesh and delicate, mildly sweet flavor, this salmon variety is a versatile commodity.

Chinook salmon are the royalty of the salmon world. They are renowned for their high fat content and rich flesh, which imparts a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth taste that is unsurpassed. 

Scottish Salmon combines a mild flavor and a firm texture that comes from its life in the strong currents of the North Atlantic. 

Norwegian Salmon boasts a clean, fresh taste, similar to the clear waters where it originates. It also has extensive marbling and a high fat content.  

Smoked salmon  combines the tenderness of regular salmon with salty and smoky undertones; This makes it a fantastic addition to bagels, appetizers, and salads.


For more information or to place your order, call (773) 826-2840.

Frozen salmon fillets retain the freshness of the premium seafood while conveniently extending their its shelf life. 

Frozen Faroe Salmon Fillet is a top-shelf selection that combines the convenience of frozen fillets with the exceptional quality of Faroe Islands salmon.

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