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"We bargain hard to get the best price and we pass the savings on to you."

Martinez Produce & Seafood quickly became a leading seafood and produce purveyor across the Midwest and northeast United States. We carry cost efficient in-house brands as well as world known brands such as Kikkoman, Mizkan, Tetsujin, Osaki, Bakkafrost, Salmar, Alejandrina, and many more. We tend to surprise you with monthly specials that include many of the mentioned brands so contact our office or sales associate for updated promotions.

Fresh Fish from Japan

Due to customer demand and our expertise we now source a premium variety of Japanese exotic fish directly from two of Japan’s largest fish markets. Our on-site experts are there daily which allows them to select freshest catch possible, pack the fish to maintain freshness, and ship them directly to us all in a matter of hours.

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Sustainable Sourcing Graphic
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