Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that our fin fish offerings are sourced directly from the ocean and delivered to your place of business in their pristine, unadulterated state. Our bountiful assortment of Fresh Fin Fish is guaranteed to meet your every need. Immerse yourself in the bounty of the sea, expertly handled and stored to preserve their natural flavors. Explore our selection and let the ocean’s finest treasures delight your customers.

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Barramundi fillet boasts a succulent and mild flavor with a delicate, flaky texture. Its versatility in cooking makes it a top choice for seafood.

Branzini is a delicately flavored, flaky white fish that differentiates itself with its mild, fresh taste. Whether it’s grilled, baked, or pan-seared, it makes the perfect gourmet choice for seafood.

Known for its rich, buttery flavor and flaky texture, Chilean Seabass is a premium cold-water fish, perfect for gourmet dining.

Cod fish is known for its mild, flaky white flesh and a clean, subtle flavor that pairs perfectly with a variety of seasonings and cooking methods. It makes for a versatile and delicious choice of seafood. 

Flounder offers a tender, flaky texture that easily absorbs the flavors of your favorite seasonings or sauces.

Grouper gives off a distinct mild flavor and a firm, succulent texture. It’s a sought-after choice for those seeking a taste of the ocean’s finest.

Mahi-Mahi is a vibrant tropical fish with a colorful appearance and a mild, sweet flavor. It makes a delectable choice for seafood.

Sword steak is a thick and meaty fish steak that is cut from the majestic swordfish. It has a bold, savory flavor and a firm, steak-like texture, making it a superb choice for a hearty and satisfying seafood experience.

Swordfish is a robust and meaty fish prized for its dense, steak-like texture and a bold, savory flavor that makes it a standout choice for seafood enthusiasts.

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